Get to know me…

 Greetings and Salutations. Thank you for taking the time to visit this page and getting to know more about me and what I do. 

I’m Rochelle L Hanslow. I am a tattooed, chronically ill, mother of 3 boys; 2 human and 1 dog. They are Macen who was born in 2016 and is neurodiverse, Carson who was born in 2018 and is my wild child and Wade “Dugpool” Wilson, the the hairiest and whitest Labrador I’ve ever met who was born in December 2018. I’ve been with my Husband, Daniel, who is also neurodiverse, since August 2011 and we sentenced each other to “life” in September 2014. We reside in a small town in Scotland just outside Stirling.

Here’s what I do…

 I am of course the creator and founder of Made You Co. I started with “Made You Loch” blog site to explore a different pathway for writing about topics I am passionate about. I am a chronic illness and mental health writer and have featured in different capacities for the likes of Fiona Thomas and Kat Williams with more to be added soon. 

In November 2020, I released my debut self-published children’s book “How to Rest on a Rainbow” and saw a childhood dream come true in becoming an author. I have since released the sequel “How to Fix a Rainbow” in March 2021 and I am working on several other children’s titles. My third book, “Buck Aye The Coo, Who Are Ye Noo?”, will be released in Spring 2022. I want to positively impact children with my books and all of them deal with aspects of children’s mental wellbeing in a fun and fresh way.

You can find out more about my books on my Bookshelf or buy them on Amazon. 

I am currently working on a short story collection titled “Sincerely Yours, The Incurable Club” which follows 12 different people with chronic illness and gives just a little snippet into their lives. This is set for publication for November 2022. 

I am also working on my Memoir and my fourth children’s book titled “Hugi” which is set for release Spring 2023. 

As an ambassador for M.E Support UK, I have been writing and contributing to their website with articles since 2015. As of 2021 I became the sole contributor for their blog and I am going to be collaborating with M.E Support UK founder, Louise Sargent on an E-book to be released in 2022.  

I am an advocate for chronic-illness, mental health and wellness. I like to talk about these subjects and bring awareness to topics that people often still view as ‘taboo’.

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