Chronic Elements – A collaboration of creativity

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Creativity unites us,
it can heal us in a deep and personal way.
Poetry and photograhpy are two incredibly
powerful mediums and together they are
even stronger.
“Chronic Elements” is from our souls to
yours in hopes of easing strife and focusing
the mind on something beautiful.

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Together with the incredibly talented hannahgimblettphotography we are releasing ‘Chronic Elements’.

As two long term members of the chronic illness community we know how important it is to have something to make each day, each flare, each knock-back a little more bearable. We’re putting our niches together to bring you the power of poetry and photography combined, themed around the elements.

Not only do we want to release this for the chronic illness community and beyond we are donating 20% of any profits made to mindcharity as we know how much mental health matters.


1 review for Chronic Elements – A collaboration of creativity

  1. Vicki Dale (verified owner)

    This book was a joy to open! Two creative elements complement each other beautifully here – photography that captures everyday objects that seeks to engage all the senses, and poetry that resonates with a range of human emotions. Hanslow and Gimblett have created something very special here – not just a book, but an opportunity to escape from the tribulations of life into a peaceful and relaxing space. Indeed, that is the authors’ intention, as the book seeks to promote wellness through creativity. Whether enjoying the images and verses for their own sake, or whether motivated to create your own creative collection, this is a beautiful work that provides solace and inspiration.

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